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CTO, Stockholm

CTO, Stockholm

The search is on now for our Stockholm based product company, who will soon be known as the pioneers of E-Commerce through their completely unique and customer-focused solution.

Although it is not essential to have been a CTO in a former life! Technically, our team are skilled and hold a strong ambition to contribute to code and strategically collaborate together.

The Details
• We currently have a tech team of 7 consisting of Front-end, Backend, QA and Product Owner.
• The company has one owner, who is not a Technical person, however, this gives a great collaboration for this role with ownership.
• This will be a hands-on, ‘full-stack’ CTO position. The best way to describe would be the Quarterback of the Tech Team, with a mission to touch down and increase scalability.
• Key personality factors would be; dedicated, engaged and mentally strong to handle challenges.
• Previous candidates have not been successful due to a combination of not being both technically skilled and strategically competent. We really need to have a driven and operational person who could drive a start-up!

Tech Stack
• Java backend is held in a PostgreSQL database.
• The main front-end tool is angular.js but we also maintain PHP
• For this position, we ideally are looking for a skilled developer that feels comfortable around all parts of the stack.

The Why
• A genuine opportunity to land a CTO role as we are serious about hiring. This is a perfect stage to join and have a direct impact.
• Several high profile customers on board, with an impressive and aggressive last 12 month in sales!
• A multicultural team who are passionate, driven and want to collaborate. Colleagues who are like-minded and share your passion.
• Trust to do your job. Although we are building a HQ if you need a home office that is fine.
• The usual benefits of working for a Swedish office, plus equity scheme.