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The story

the story

A long time ago, in a number of Europe’s hottest tech hubs far, far away..............

Episode 1

Restored Faith

It has been a period of uncertainty in the tech recruitment world. Rebel models have seen trends of making recruitment services lack intelligence, value or personalisation across the European Tech Hub empire.

During the struggle, the co-founders of DigiTech Search began an allied movement to restore faith and help maintain, grow and power up the most awesome tech teams of tomorrow, today.

With the support of the Digitekkers, they will leave no stone unturned in the galaxy of their searches. They will put an end to working with corporate droids and go into orbit if needed to offer solutions and advice personalised to them, whilst playing instrumental parts in their tech and local communities…..regardless of what species they are or what planet they are from. 

Together with their unrivalled passion for tech, understanding of how to use the force in recruitment, using the latest droid AI RecTech and dedication to providing a personalised and valuable intergalactic class experience; DigiTech Search are restoring order, faith and success one planet at a time!

"I've had the chance to work recruiting agencies before and I have to say I'm usually not a big fan of going outside of our company's recruiting team. However, working with Paul and his team is like having an extended arm of our team. They know our needs, how we like to scan for profiles and filter during our calls. They focus on our company and our market which makes collaboration really easy!''

Talent Acquisition Manager - Mesosphere

We invest the time to meet, understand and analyse your requirements to provide a bespoke solution tailored to you


Our 80:20 culture ensures our DigiTekkers have time to learn tech fundamentals as well as relevant industry news


Our focus is on low ratios not numbers, where we believe in a sniper over machine gun approach


Hackathons. Meetups. Conferences. Webinars. Podcasts. Blogs & Forums. If it’s about communities we’re involved!


From the latest social media platforms, AI tools & web scraping techniques we equip our DigiTekkers with the best tools in their utility belt to get the job done


Real-time analytics and search insights about your search to improve your market position

"Paul Turner and the team at DigiTech Search know the German IT market inside out. They're real insiders to the IT scene in Munich and helped more than once to make the missing connection between extraordinary good talents and us. On top of that they're good in providing great profiles in no time. Always appreciate working with Paul and his team."

COO Gutefrage/Holtzbrink Digital

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To connect the digital world by providing a sophisticated, knowledgeable and world-class recruitment experience

our vision

To be the first choice partner across European technology hubs for recruitment, growth solutions and market analytics and advice for individuals, start-ups and enterprise organisations within the digital world

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