Meet the DigiTekkers

Here are our bunch of hand-picked tech recruitment rockstars. The dreamers, the doers, and the donut lovers (some do prefer locally grown fruits and vegetables though… just so we’re clear). Each with their own specialism & identity.




Co-Founder of DigiTech with more than 15 years of experience and during this time he has helped scale tech businesses like Zalando, GroupOn, PayPal/eBay, Nokia (now HERE) & Amazon. When he is not working you can find him trying to bench press a small car in the gym, spending time with his family and telling everyone Spurs are an amazing football team and if he didn't do recruitment he would definitely be playing for them by now.



Co-founder of DigiTech & veteran in the tech recruitment game, responsible for powering up Tech Teams across DACH & the Nordics for over 15 years. Recruiter / Coach / Leader and Strategist.

When not in the office he enjoys the great outdoors with his family, trying to keep up with his energetic young sons, miserably failing at the simplest of DIY tasks at home & always looking to add to the 50+ stadiums he has visited following his beloved Norwich City across the country.


Finance/IT/HR (and anything else that needs organising) Director with more years’ experience than she’d like to admit! DigiTech’s answer to Mary Berry and the one who holds everything together. When not number crunching she can usually be found hanging off a roof somewhere helping her husband with some building, dealing with the tennis ball obsession of her dogs, or creating something in her craft room for a baby shower! Lover of all things Spanish and her happy place is the beach :)


Talent Partner for the Microsoft Development scene within the Nordics.

Could have been a pro footballer if it wasn’t for his asthma.

Outside of work you’ll find him losing balls on the golf course, pretending to know about boxing and reminding everyone West Ham won the World Cup in 1966.


Lead Talent Partner heading up DigiTech's Freelance / Contract Department 

Outside of the office, he can be found on the water at any chance he can get, rowing competitively for a coastal rowing club. James loves a challenge, be it climbing mountains or running a marathon.

He’s addicted to food, but also the gym so can work it off! His interests include following F1, house music, weekend getaways, and a passion for movies.

Also been known to take any chance he can to get dressed up in fancy dress, often constructing his own costumes!


Providing the best recruitment experiences to our customers through marketing design.

Nicky enjoys marketing design and always tries to find a way to work smarter. She is a true believer that everything is about branding. Outside work, she loves fitness, arts, architecture, and anything beautiful. She enjoys spending time with her family in art galleries, playing table games, and going swimming.


Scouting and networking with the hardest to find talent in European markets!

Dan spends more time than he’d care to admit hanging out with his dog (Ruby) and slicing drives out of bounds.

Outside of work, he loves taking time away from the world by sitting in a cinema for two hours or wasting his weekends with his friends by drinking and eating copious amounts.

His other main interests include a good book and indie developed video games!


Scouting and networking with the hardest to find talent in the European market!

Outside of work, on a Sunday morning you can find Connor on the football field playing for his team come rain or shine. He is a Gunner for life and stills holds onto the fact they have a gold Premier League trophy.

Loves a spot of golf when the weather is right, mainly there for the day out as fails a little on the talent side.

Other than sport he enjoys spending time with family and friends, mainly when out for a drink. His is a rum and coke.

Lover of animals, cars and holidays. Would live in America yesterday if he could.


Scouting and networking with the hardest to find talent in the European markets!

Outside of work, you can find him throwing his toys out of the pram on the golf course after telling himself it was an easy hole yet shooting a double bogey.

He’s an avid West Ham fan that is currently making the most of the few good seasons that they’re currently having.

His other main interests include eating a nice steak and fast cars.


Scouting and networking with the hardest to find talent in the European markets!

Outside of work, Dragana loves spending time with family and friends.

She finds ancient civilization fascinating and is very passionate about traveling and visiting archaeological sites as well as discovering the natural beauties of our planet.

Other interests include playing and watching tennis and is a big fan of Novak Djokovic!


Scouting and networking with the hardest to find talent in the European markets!

Outside of the office, Greg can be found winding up the opposition on a Sunday and turning into prime Eden Hazard…Unless he’s been out the night before, in which case a poor man’s Victor Moses.

Blue is the colour, Football is the game, Greg is on the scoresheet yet again!

Some other interests of Greg are city breaks, good food, and going out with friends.   


Scouting and networking with the hardest to find talent in the European markets!

Outside of the office Leo often attempts to solve his disputes over a competitive game of monopoly, however, he often loses because he lets his emotions get the better of him.

Leo also enjoys spending time with family & friends and making memorable experiences that often become clouded after a few drinks! 

Ohhhhh to, Ohhhhh to be a Goo-ner! #COYG

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