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10 AI technologies that will dominate 2019

10 AI technologies that will dominate 2019


Artificial Intelligence has managed to graze the loudest buzz in the global market with its changing trend and approaches. The Sci-Fi is no longer the part of the books and we are living in this advancement approach of it. AI product has managed to set straight the place at our homes and offices with no issues at all. If anything, the demand and potential of Artificial intelligence is increase with time in the market. It is in terms of job opportunity and the robotic theft that we possess.

These are just the basic yet main points of AI that is surrounded by mystery. Yet, it is full of so many gadgets and technology that we can’t even keep a count. On top of that, the automation and optimization have taken the front row when it comes to AI. It can be sued in the fundamental way that can help in rethinking our problem and help in giving an insight.

In the coming year, we can only expect to see several things on a deeper level. So, get ready to experience these technology based on AI in 2019.

1. Machine Learning platforms
Gone are the days when we have manually handle all the tasks of a computer. Next year, you need to welcome a technology that allows the computer to learn on their own and also to work amazingly on it. This branch of artificial intelligence and computer science discipline has achieved a new milestone to cover. Now, the developers are working to develop an algorithm that can allow a computer to understand the process. In addition to this, the application programming interface helps in the application, big data and even training tools.

2. Speech recognition
Speech has already received immense praise and love from the users through Google, Siri and even Alexa. However, in 2018, we have only witnessed a glimpse of the advancement that this technology can bring to us but in the coming years, we are going to see an automated form. Even today, a number of systems are following this trend of human language transcribe. Even the interactive system are becoming voice response dependent in terms of smartphones and PCs. Top companies are now following this process to give a competitive edge.

3. Biometrics
For over 5 years, biometrics has become one of the major technological advancement that we are using. Whether it is to keep track of the in and out time of an employee or to lock down a door automatically. It can easily analyze and identify with accurate measure about the behavior of a person. The main aspect that is used in such structures usually follows physical form and body structure. Advanced biometric allows an interactive form in terms of machine and human. It can be with respect to speech, image, and body touch.

4. Cyber Defense
The major problem that is faced in the present time is cybersecurity. All the data is now spread around on internet whether it is Azure or cloud. Hence, it has become the major goals to keep it safe and secure. Hence, we can see an advanced form of cyber defense in 2019 that focuses on providing, detecting and preventing against any theft or attack. The system is entirely based on the information and infrastructure.

5. Content creation
There is no doubt that content marketing is taking the digital world to a whole new level. People are now getting involved in the content world at a standard platform for every single product. In this online world, the blog posts, ads, videos, infographics, white papers, written assets and other visual creations. They are now using an advanced form of methods to contribute to the content world and in 2019, we will able to witness a new form of creation through AI that can help in accuracy.

6. Marketing automation
The marketing world has become completely devoted to many other benefits of AI over time. There are so many reasons to put AI in high regards due to its impact on global media. The social media is just an example of the collateral experience of this AI world. Marketing firms and other businesses are already dependent on Chatbots to increase efficiency and engagement. In 2019, it won’t be a shocking thing to experience an enhanced form of such a system. The AI will have a huge influence on the revolution of the marketing business.

7. Emotion recognition
We have already experienced the whole automated message reading applications. However, now the technology is going to a next level with the capability of reading emotions. These type of systems are using audio data processing or image processing system to understand the micro expressions of an individual. In addition to this, there are vocal information and body language cues that are becoming famous for the development process.

8. Decision management
There is a number of machines that are getting equipped with an advanced and much intelligent system allowing them to introduce logic and rules. They are more than capable of training and setup, tuning and even maintenance purpose with the addition of AI. These type of applications are already used in understanding the variety of applications that can assist any decision. Even with time, we will be able to witness them taking their own decision to increase the sales growth of a company.

9. IoT and AI
The network of vehicles, physical devices and home applications – Internet of Things – have gained a lot of popularity over time. Now, people are dependent on the sensors, electronic software, connectivity and even actuators. This has enabled them to collect, connect and exchange information easily with no disruption. In addition to this, the IoT is now helping AI technology to lead smart homes. This has made the communications between machinery a reality that we are living in.

For instance, how will you feel when you are a miles away from home and were able to switch on the air conditioner. Then coming into the already chilled home. Well, it surely is the heaven on earth during the summer time. Hence, the addition of AI and IoT is here to ensure that can have well automated homes that can help in centralizing the whole ecosystem. It will work well with certain devices and system as per the customer’s preference.

10. Virtual agents
As mentioned above, Chatbots have become the living reality. Similar to this, the virtual agents are introduced in the market that is capable to engage with customers or clients with their program or computer knowledge. However, these type of system don’t usually use their brains but have some semi-installed commands that they follow. But with AI supports, it is possible to be one of the top customer support and service. In addition to this, these systems are used as home managers as well.


These are just the most dominating phase that we are going to experience. Apart from this, we will be witnessing the advancement of self-driven cars but they might be with us by the year 2020. However, till then we can experience and enjoy this automation and welcome some more to our world.


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