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EPISODE 11: Diversity & Inclusion Q&A with Dafna Rosenblum, Tech Director

EPISODE 11: Diversity & Inclusion Q&A with Dafna Rosenblum, Tech Director

EPISODE 11: This month, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dafna Rosenblum, Tech Director.

Dafna Rosenblum is a Tech Director at Apegroup and organiser of “Stockholm React Meetup”. She has been working in tech for 15 years with backend, frontend, and management and is writing and speaking about technology in her blog and at different conferences.

In our Q&A, Dafna share’s fantastic insights on:

🌟 Imposter Syndrome: We share personal experiences, effective strategies for overcoming your own Imposter and how as a manager, you can support a team member going through similar.

🌟 Developer to Manager: Advice on adjusting to the context switch of pure coding to operational/managerial tasks. Dafna recommends some great reading material for better-grasping management.

🌟 Technical blogging: The positive impact this has on your personal brand and career. Dafna shares a step-by-step guide to writing a blog and how you can find the confidence to hit publish!

🌟 Public speaking: Tips for overcoming the nerves and best preparing.

🌟 Game-changing personal development resources.

& so much more!

Check out our full video interview here:



Dafna share’s fantastic insights on:

🌟 Diversifying speaker lineups at events: Dafna is co-running Stockholm React Meetup and has made it her mission to diversify their speakers. Dafna shares practical advice, and guidance on how you can pro-actively work to secure more women speakers.

🌟 Setting up Non-profit initiatives (Baot & Extend): We discuss Dafna’s inspiration, lessons learned and personal journey, over the past 5 years in establishing and growing a supportive community. Along with some sound advice for anyone wanting to set up their own non-profit.

🌟 The Leaky Pipeline: An insight into why we still have a lack of Women in Tech and how we can work together to rectify this.

🌟 Podcasting Advice: We discuss Extend Sweden Podcast’s mission, how you can start your own and top tips for effectively launching it.

🌟 Supportive communities: 🇸🇪 DataTjejPink ProgrammingWomen in TechTeknikkvinnor 🇸🇪

& so much more!

Check out our full PART 2 video interview here:


Who’s story would you like to hear from next? What questions do you have for women in the tech or advocates of diversity and inclusion? If you would like to get involved in this initiative, I would love to hear from you! Please contact me on LinkedIn 💌 or via email -


By Ellie King - Principal Talent Partner - Data / AI - Nordics


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