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EPISODE 15: Diversity & Inclusion Q&A with Alina Timofeeva, Senior Manager (Advanced Analytics & Cloud)

EPISODE 15: Diversity & Inclusion Q&A with Alina Timofeeva, Senior Manager (Advanced Analytics & Cloud)

EPISODE 15: This month it was a joy to speak with the very influential Alina Timofeeva, who is a Senior Manager in Advanced Analytics & Cloud at KPMG UK.

Alina is a multi award-winning specialist in Cloud & Data and has a proven track record across digital and regulatory projects within major clients, including JP Morgan, HSBC, Santander, Aviva and Nationwide.

She is recognised by several industry awards, e.g. TechWomen100; Rising Start (Highly Commended), by Women in Tech Excellence Awards; Top 50 Women in UK Software Power List, by Markers & Google Startups and is also a judge in the upcoming Digital Revolution Awards.

Check out our full video interview here:

In our Q&A, Alina share’s valuable insights on:

🌟 Journey to a Senior Manager in a Corporate: Alina shares her story, from relocating to London 6 years ago, not knowing anyone. To now being recognised as an industry leader. We discuss the highs, the lows and the importance of networking and building long term, effective relationships.

🌟 Mentorship: We discuss the steps you can take to ensure you find a mentor that truly understands your situation, gives ongoing fair feedback and helps you become better. We dissect how you can understand your mentor's feedback, and act upon it to get the best outcome.

🌟 Building Resilience & Determination: Before relocating to London, Alina made 500 job applications and received 497 declines! Alina shares the strategies she put in place to keep going and stay resilient as well as some reassuring and motivating advice for anyone faced with rejection.

🌟 Time Management Techniques: Juggling work, life, mentorship, and hobbies can at times seem like an impossible task. Alina gives insights on how you can take advantage of the Pomodoro Technique and the importance of prioritisation.

🌟 Public Speaking: We explore exercises that you can implement to enhance the diction, breathing and rhetorics of your talks to better engage your audience.

🌟 Free Mentorship Platforms: CajigoLike Minded Females & Migrant Workers.

🌟A Career in Tech: We explore the key soft skills you can learn to take your career to the next level, improving your confidence and networking abilities along the way. Alina also shares some powerful advice for anyone wanting to establish or continue a career in tech and the importance of finding your purpose “You can be whatever you want to be!”

🌟Promoting an Inclusive Culture: As an immigrant, Alina knows first hand how challenging it can be to fit in and adjust to new cultures. Alina shares her journey of finding a sense of belonging, the challenges faced and some important tips on how you can better support your peers in creating an inclusive, welcoming environment. Empathy is key!

🌟Achieving 50/50 Gender Diversity: KPMG recently appointed the first ever woman, of Indian heritage to head KPMG UK in over 150 years and are proud to have an even gender diversity split on their board. Alina shares her thoughts on how this has been achieved and we explore initiatives such as ‘Raise You’ to support high performing, high potential women.

🌟Breaking Down Stereotypes: We discuss the importance of role models and companies being proactive in offering insight days for the younger generation to open their eyes to the amazing opportunities in tech — A career in tech doesn't necessarily mean just coding!

& so much more!

Who’s story would you like to hear from next? What questions do you have for women in the tech or advocates of diversity and inclusion? If you would like to get involved in this initiative, I would love to hear from you! Please contact me on LinkedIn 💌

By Ellie King - Principal Talent Partner - Data / AI - Nordics


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