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My Journey into Tech Recruitment

My Journey into Tech Recruitment

An insight to a DigiTekker's first experience in recruitment with us.......

Back in the bitterly cold December of 2017, I left a dull office admin position within the security industry. It lacked any sort of career growth opportunities for me and I wasn’t a respected employee.

I ended up resigning, and soon realised I was unsure of where to go next. I had always loved working with people from different backgrounds, helping others and using social media, but I didn’t know how I could combine all of these things into a position where I felt happy and, also where I could be offered tangible career prospects.

I decided to get some advice and went to my local recruitment agency to see what was out there for me.
After the meeting, I left feeling a little deflated. I didn’t feel that I had been helped much by the recruitment consultant there, and I went home let down and still no further ahead with my job search.

It wasn’t until discussing the meeting with my family, that I told them that I wouldn’t mind considering a career in recruitment. After all, a career in this industry meant I could work with people from different backgrounds, I would be helping people in finding their dream jobs and clients their ideal candidates. And of course, social media was a huge part in the success of a recruitment consultant too.

That evening I scrolled through job sites looking for recruitment consultant positions in my neighbouring towns. That’s when I came across a very witty, persuasive job advert for my current position at DigiTech Search. I’m not sure whether it was the Duvet Days, The Beer & Prosecco Fridays or the business trips that got me to apply. But as my directors will be sure to read this, let’s go with the amazing opportunity to work with such skilled and experienced recruiters to show me the ropes!

Now, looking back, 1 year on, I have learned so much already about what the recruitment industry has to offer me. And, I have realised that there’s also a lot that I can offer the industry too.

A wise man once said, knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch! What I lacked in experience, as a trainee, I definitely made up for in enthusiasm and willingness. I always try to go above and beyond when working with candidates. I love getting to know them, hearing about their experiences and responsibilities within their current roles. I always put my candidates first in all that I do to be able to build great relationships with everyone that I work with.

My first year at DigiTech Search has passed me by so quickly, but here are a few highlights of my recruitment journey so far that I’d love to share with you.

1) I placed my first candidate into a great .NET position with one of our Swedish clients after 6 weeks of working as a trainee recruitment consultant, my team congratulated me with a bottle of champagne! I did have to have my initiation though, which meant dressing up in a fancy dress costume and running outside telling everyone I had just done my first deal. As expected, I got a few weird looks.

2) The team events have been amazing, such as we’ve had team lunches, day trips to Thorpe Park and indoor rock climbing, a Summer party, a Christmas party.

3) We’ve grown in size! From 3 Directors and 1 Trainee. We have now welcomed Tom, Jon, Gabriella, Ellie and Josh to the team. We’ve grown from 4 to 9!

4) I’ve grown as a person. My confidence has peaked, my knowledge and growth has thrived and I’ve been more determined than ever to achieve my goals. I have now taken on my own specialism, heading up the Frontend Nordics team.

5) I have learnt so much, before this position I never understood the Software Industry and I took it for granted. I never contemplated the amount of work that goes into the websites and apps that we use on a daily basis. I never realised the number of developers that come together to work as a team to create that final product. It’s been a huge eye-opener and I have a new found respect and appreciation for all those who work within this industry.

Before I started my career in the recruitment industry I thought that it would be so easy. I thought that I could send out a few emails, get responses from everyone and place them into positions within a week or two. But I couldn’t have been any more wrong.

Recruitment means endless cups of coffee, a calendar filled to the brim with scheduled telephone calls, interviews, reminders, and emails to be chased. It means going above and beyond for those who work with you through any means, such as when someone is relocating, researching properties to rent that meet their preferences and budget. It means remembering how many children the candidate has, their hobbies, their favourite band, that they attend electro-raves at weekends. It’s all about caring for those who you want to see do well and showing them what’s out there, that they can achieve their career goals and find their dream jobs. I can’t wait to build my network up with the industry’s most talented frontend professionals and work with even more of you!


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