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How to attract great talent with a

How to attract great talent with a "conservative stack"

How do we attract great talent with a "conservative stack"?

Was a question from one of my CTO clients this week...

In our numerous conversations with engineers each week, a common thread emerges that the desires that drive most engineers can be broken down into 3 main elements:

1. Solving Hard Problems at Scale: 💡
Engineers crave challenges that push their boundaries. When your team tackles complex issues at scale, it becomes a magnet for those passionate about making a real impact.

2. Turning Code into Reality: 🚀
It's not just about solving the problem; it's about seeing your solution come to life. Engineers want to contribute to projects that make a difference by having code that ships to production. Few engineers want to work on a complex problem that never sees the light of day.

3. Working with Good People: 👥
Beyond the challenges, engineers seek collaboration with like-minded and talented individuals. Highlight the strength of your team dynamics, fostering an environment where diverse skills converge to tackle problems collectively.

All of this needs to be put in the first place they can be seen - the job spec!

Incorporating these aspects when crafting your job spec becomes essential to attracting talent when you don't have the latest 'shiny' object in your stack. The ability to articulate these elements not only aligns your business with the aspirations of top talent but also serves as a compelling invitation to embark on a mutually rewarding journey.


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