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How to stand out as an engineering candidate?

How to stand out as an engineering candidate?

How to stand out as an engineering candidate...

With large tech lay-offs still happening, shifting things toward a more employers market. The competition for jobs might be hotting up. As a candidate, here are some tips that might help you stand out in your application!

⚡️ Layout your CV in an attractive and visually appealing way. There is a fine balance between too little and too much information. Try to aim for 1-3 pages and avoid large blocks of text

⚡️ Highlight your accomplishments! Think back to the work you have done. What really makes you stand out to a hiring manager is articulating what business value you had in the work you have done previously. This often contributes to three main areas.

  1. Did you help make money for the business - explain how
  2. Did you help save money for the business - explain how
  3. Did you help save time for the business - explain how


⚡️ Include short-written references or recommendations! Do you have a great reference or recommendation from a previous colleague or manager? Use it... but don't overdo it. Select one or two and put them into your CV. Ideally, short statements work really well. LinkedIn has a great example with the Recommendations part on your profile. I'd suggest putting it into a coloured box with white text to make it really stand out. (Depending on the colour scheme of your CV - if you have one that is!)

⚡️ CV's are... let's face it, a bit boring. One way to really catch someone's attention is a video. I know this is not for everyone, as standing in front of a camera can be daunting for some. If you do have the confidence, go for it - include a short video message to the hiring manager about why you are interested in the vacancy and what makes you a great fit. Think of it as a video cover letter.

We hope these things help and you can find more information on our Job Coach. Alternatively, please get in touch with one of our consultants for your CV diagnostics and salary advice too. 


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