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New Partnership - DigiTech Search & Optima-Life

New Partnership - DigiTech Search & Optima-Life

Your workforce is the life-blood of your business and if improving your staff’s resilience and performance is one of your key priorities then I’m excited and proud to announce a partnership with Optima-Life.

Optima-Life supports organisations by focusing on the engagement and productivity of your employees to help improve the wellbeing of your people and the performance culture of your organisation.

As a technical recruitment business we are tasked with bringing in the very best talent possible for our clients and with the ever growing importance of retaining your people we also wanted to offer a platform to do this.  I am pleased to announce that Digitech is able to offer a special discounted rate that will allow access to the Festival of Us which in turn will provide your people with multimedia content that covers topics such as sleep, stress, loneliness, compassion, mindset and purpose. 

Should you wish to offer your employees more benefits that will make a difference to your organisation, please feel free to get in touch with us directly.

Check out the video here - Festival Of Us


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