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Remarkable Tech Talent - We've released a book!

Remarkable Tech Talent - We've released a book!



Yes, that's right...I have now written a book: Remarkable Tech Talent - A technical leader's guide to recruiting the best people in your industry.

You can now purchase it via Amazon here:

Being in recruitment for close to fifteen years, I have always wondered why there is such a divide between recruiters or recruitment agencies and businesses who use or choose not to use them. This was the inspiration behind Remarkable Tech Talent - to give an overview of what working with a 'good' recruiter can look like.

I firmly believe the key to a company's success is hiring - if you want to secure the right people for your business, working with a tech recruitment agency or inhouse recruiter is the best starting point to propel your hiring. However, just working with a recruiter will not get you far without understanding what a detailed search and selection process looks like and what value a professional recruiter can bring to your business.

The digital revolution is well under way. Business owners, chief technology officers, chief information officers and tech leads face an uphill battle in competing for an already limited workforce in technology especially within metropolitan areas. It's incredibly tough to attract and retain critical technical people for businesses, and this can lead to a lack of clarity on generating growth. A-players are at the foundation of any successful business, and remarkably efficient recruitment is the only way to find them. There often comes two points in any business's life cycle where recruitment support is of the utmost importance:

1. Having hired key talent from your internal network, you need to decide how to find and engage new star players.

2. Having an existing team in place, you quickly need more resources to keep up with the success or scale-up of your business

While your competitors might be wasting time on trying to continue to grow organically, businesses that have an exceptional partnership with outstanding recruiters manage to secure all the excellent people in the active and passive market quickly and continue to grow without the fuss.

I understand the pain-point of recruitment and the time it can take from creating a job; opening to closing it off; and 'onboarding', or settling in, the person you need. Many team or business leaders fear the associated cost of recruitment, especially if the selected hire does not work out. I want to guide you on what goes into the search and selection behind the curtain; what helps position you as an employer of choice; and how you can minimise the risk of things not working out, whether you choose to work with external agency or not.

My book advises you on how to make critical decisions that will help you secure and onboard the talent you seek, add more value to your business and make your recruitment process more engaging. Read Remarkable Tech Talent to:

- Attract more A-players to your business

- Understand how to streamline your recruitment process

- Stop making common thinking and hiring mistakes

- Discover my proven TALENT method for recruiting

- Understand what a candidate wants from you and your business


Don't just take my word for it, here's what some other people are saying about it:


"Remarkable Tech Talent" doesn't focus just on the role of recruitment agencies in today's technology industry, but deep dives in hiring processes and discusses potential pitfalls and more importantly how to overcome them. Paul managed to craft something which can be only classified as essential reading for any entrepreneur and hiring manager, using his extensive experience in the technology recruitment industry.

Zifra Nikola, Technical Director, Udrafter

If you are a technical leader or somebody working in HR, you might think to know everything about recruitment. But I can tell you, you don't! You can also find the common mistakes in technical recruitment and give a deep dive into the issues, problems and challenges of tech companies and their hiring processes and the solutions can be easily applied in your own business. The most important point in hiring is not being fast enough, but if you want to learn more about better hiring with or without recruiter, then you should read this book. And if you decide to work with a recruiter, don't forget to create a partnership with her / him to be as successful as possible!
The most important thing everybody should have in mind is people first! You should always think about your recruiting process from the candidates perspective. The book gives you a nice view on the recruiters side, it reminds you and explain why you should put a smooth process in place and select the right tool (applicant tracking system) and have always the time of your process in mind.

 Andreas Stein, ex VP Engineering, NewStore Inc


If you are in a leadership position or you work in HR / Talent Management departments I would highly recommend you to get a copy of this book. Paul provides great insights of the recruiting world, tips to avoid common hiring mistakes, advises to setup a framework to streamline your hiring process and attract great talent, how to make your offers more attractive etc.

Avraam Mavridis, Tech Lead, Marley Spoon


Paul Turner delivers great insight into:
* How the recruiter industry works
* How recruiters actually want to support companies - their expectations on "good" clients
* Bad practice in hiring - what could you do wrong in your hiring process
* What to highlight during hiring and where to focus on your hiring process
* Advice from his experience and how this will support you in improving your hiring process

The book is well written, quite entertaining and gives a multitude of hints / advice, tells stories about bad experiences. It's definitely a great read if you want to improve your high-tech recruiting (or other as well).

Michael Maretzke, CTO, Temedica

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or tech leader whose focus is on hiring technical talent for your business then this book will help you cut through the noise and do it more effectively!! 


By Paul Turner - Co-Founder/Director - DigiTech Search


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