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S1 Ep1 Meet the Solution Seekers - Marcelo De Polli

S1 Ep1 Meet the Solution Seekers - Marcelo De Polli

Welcome to Dragana's Solution Seekers series/podcast. Dragana is a specialised recruiter here focusing on the HealthTech industry.

She is thrilled to introduce you to inspiring individuals in the tech world who have a remarkable talent for using technology to address real-world issues. These are not just tech enthusiasts; they are pragmatic solution seekers who carefully select the right tools for the task.

This month Dragana had the privilege to speak with Marcelo De Polli - Staff Engineer at BetterDoc, a fast-growing platform that connects patients with specialist doctors. Marcelo has had an inspiring career and within this podcast/vlog there are some great learnings and takeaways for any level of software engineer.

Join her as we explore the incredible journeys of these solution-oriented tech talents who make technology accessible and impactful for everyone.

The full video is available on YouTube. You can find the link HERE


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