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S1 Ep2 Lightning Talks with Tech Leaders - Dario Blanco Iturriaga

S1 Ep2 Lightning Talks with Tech Leaders - Dario Blanco Iturriaga

Today on our 2nd episode of Lightning Talks with Tech Leaders, we are joined by Darío Blanco Iturriaga whose career over the last 10 years has spanned startups, scale-ups and giants in the tech landscape.

From his early days, Dario directed the CI/CD delivery processes of Vodafone's GigaTV, a groundbreaking project that reduced deployment cycles from six months to just two weeks. This achievement involved the efforts of over 300 developers across multiple countries.

Dario went on to lead a global department at Allianz, pioneering internal SaaS solutions that brought innovation to teams worldwide.

He then embarked on a journey to founding MindDoc, Germany's first digital mental health platform. With Dario's leadership, the team scaled to 80 individuals and even regulated AI technology that predicted depression and anxiety.

Dario's journey continued as he led the engineering departments at parcelLab following a period of hyper-growth at the company.

Dario is currently the Founding Technology Lead at Karla (Or GoKarla GmbH) a post-purchase experience company that provides a seamless experience for consumers and creates a new engagement platform to connect consumers, merchants and carriers.

Join us, as we learn more about Dario's journey and insights into his technical leadership.

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