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S1 Ep5 Lightning Talks with Tech Leaders - Stephan Schmidt

S1 Ep5 Lightning Talks with Tech Leaders - Stephan Schmidt

Episode 5 of Lightning Talks with Tech Leads is here!

In this cracking chat, we are joined by Stephan 🚀 Schmidt, who has 25 years of experience as a CTO, consultant, and executive in various startups and enterprises, including ImmoScout24 and an eBay subsidiary.

In this episode, we cover some of the following topics:

✅ Stephan's pivotal moments as a Tech Lead
✅ Why we should not give in to pressure as a Technical Leader
✅ The importance of a role model & what helps make a great leader
✅ Why it's crucial to show you take your recruitment process seriously
✅ Mistakes on scaling too early
✅ Retention tips, the goal of 1:1s
✅ AI Thoughts - The Star Trek model & Is Data under threat?
✅ Advice for aspiring CTO's

Stephan is the author of "Amazing CTO," a book for CTOs and tech managers. The CTO role is challenging due to its diverse skill requirements and constant change. "Amazing CTO" offers Stephan's proven advice and numerous ideas to help you succeed.

See the full episode HERE


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