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Tech Recruitment Mistakes - Working with agencies is too expensive...

Tech Recruitment Mistakes - Working with agencies is too expensive...

Many people often think that to work with a recruitment agency it’s just too expensive. If you weigh up all the costs and time taken to do the search & selection you'll find it can be a worthwhile investment.

Thinking Mistake;

Thinking that the costs are just too high leads many tech leaders to completely disregard even entertaining the idea of seeing if it would work and whether the benefits of working with an agency would be worth the investment. This often comes from either not knowing enough about the market or what the actual cost of recruiting someone is.

Action Mistake;

With this in mind, some tech leaders then tend to completely become a closed book and do not entertain any conversations with agencies. If you add up all the time you might try to recruit someone directly it would probably far outweigh the amount of money you spend by using a good recruitment business.

Time taken to write job ads - paying to post them anywhere is usually quite expensive and brings poor results. Time spent going through all the irrelevant CVs. Time spent trying to headhunt yourself. Time spent doing initial calls/interviews will be a lot higher assessing if someone is right. Time spent trying to manage the recruitment process & obtain feedback.

Why it's a mistake

Tech leaders think that recruitment agencies hold no value and therefore refuse to entertain any discussions with agencies and as a result they only have access to to the active market and miss out of people that can have a bigger impact in their business and end up losing too much time of being able to manage their team or tasks which in the end, can be far more costly to the business in the long-run.

Our Solution

If you take a helicopter view of this. How much is your time worth? I’m guessing a lot if you run a business or if you are responsible for a division or team. Isn’t that time worth investing in the business with different tasks?

The simple answer should be, YES!

Then you need to partner with an agency or talent partner that is right for you. Remember, a lot of agencies work on a success basis & the big part of the time they take away for you is the search, selection and if they are good at what they do then the activation of passive candidates you previously would not have had access to.

Speak to other business owners or tech leaders, google search, visit recruitment websites and check out testimonials to find out who is doing an amazing job in what you are recruiting for. For every bad recruitment business out there are remarkable ones and it’s your job to go out there and find them and what one gives you the best return on investment.

By Paul Turner - Director / Co-Founder - DigiTech Search


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