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The DigiTech Talent Share System

The DigiTech Talent Share System

One of the biggest frustrations businesses and technical leaders have is the expense that is often attached to making a new recruit for your technical team. Whether that's having an internal team to find someone, posting the position to expensive job sites or using an agency like us. In the end, the investment can be significant.

This is one problem I wanted to solve as I thought there must be a better way...

After months of brain-storming and beta testing, we came up with a unique solution which can reduce your recruitment spend per hire. Even getting it to the point where a new hire could be completely free by using this method and our agency. In addition, we found it can also supercharge your employer brand in the market!

 For more info, please check out the video here:

The DigiTech Talent Share System

As a new breed of agency, we're committed to continuously adding value to our existing and future partners with new innovation and solutions not only building powerful engineering & data teams (although we are pretty awesome at that too 🤘)


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