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What job does a recruiter do for you as a candidate?

What job does a recruiter do for you as a candidate?

A good recruiter will take on many different roles, a job finder, a travel agent, and sometimes even a personal accountant. The key to being a good recruiter is being versatile, but often at times their skills are not utilised as much as they could be, since many people see the job of a recruiter as simply “sending a CV”. In this post, we wanted to give you a brief idea of what a recruiter could do for you, outside of putting you forward for a job.
Of course, many of you reading this will have interacted with a recruiter in some way or another in the past, but most of you will have just been on the “candidate” side of the desk, so this next list covers some extra things that a recruiter can do for you rather than simply introduce you to a company:

Coach you through the interview processes:
If a recruiter has presented your profile to a business, it is highly likely that this is a business they have worked with in the past, therefore they will have some really useful insights as to what kind of things a hiring manager really likes to hear, or what kind area of tech you might need to brush up on before the meeting.

Help with your CV:
A recruiter will see 10+ CV’s on any given day in the office, they know what kind of things stand out to different types of businesses. Remember not to take any adjustments they suggest as a criticism, a good result for you is a good result for them!

Negotiate on your behalf:
When an interview process ends; and you receive an offer (Congratulations!), it can be difficult for you to ask the company directly for any amendments to the proposed contract. You will want to start things off on a positive note with the company, but you may also feel very strongly about certain parts of your offer (anything from the salary to their remote working policy). The best thing to do is let the recruiter know, and they will do everything they can to secure you the best deal possible, they will certainly want the best outcome for you and will have a good relationship with the client that they can utilise when it comes to negotiation.

Next time you are working with a recruitment agencies, remember they do so much work behind the scenes and will be more than happy to help you in any way possible, the list doesn’t only include the above topics! Happy job hunting everyone.


About the author: Dan McEwen

Dan is an experienced IT recruiter with a passion for helping people find their dream jobs. With almost two years of experience, Dan has already supported over 150 candidates through their job search. Dan is dedicated to making the recruitment process as smooth as possible for both his clients and his candidates. He is knowledgeable about the IT industry and has a keen interest in the medical sector. Please get in touch with him If you're looking for an IT recruiter to help you or someone you know wants to find their dream job. Phone: +41 445 087 167 | Email:


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