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Working from home - Issues & Tips!

Working from home - Issues & Tips!

Working from home can be highly productive, but it can also go badly wrong.

In terms of adapting, there are several challenges I’m hearing from my network:

➖Keeping motivated and away from distractions.

➖Not being able to switch off from ‘work mode.’

➖Juggling family life with work life.

➖Feeling isolated.

I’ve personally struggled with switching off from ‘work mode’ sometimes being glued to my laptop until the late evening. I’ve also missed the human element and vibrant energy from the office. From speaking with my network I have found these tips to be extremely helpful. I’m now finding myself busier than ever!

➖Structure your day like you would in the office.

➖Allow yourself to have breaks away from your working space.

➖If you have children, try and spend quality time before work and during breaks. It’s great for you and should also decrease the little ones need to interrupt your vital working time.

➖Switch up your dedicated workspace.

➖Take advantage of technology to stay connected.

➖Build a kick-ass music playlist to keep you motivated.

➖Make sure whoever you are living with, respects your space during work hours.

➖Padlock your fridge to avoid the over quarantine snacking!


How are other people dealing with remote working? What approach has helped you the most? Feel free to email me and share your thoughts;


By Ellie King - Principal Talent Partner - Data / AI - Nordics


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