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Your Interviewer on the fence?

Your Interviewer on the fence?

Ever found yourself in a tech interview where you sense the interviewer might be on the fence about you?

Here are our top three questions you can ask to help swing things back in your favour...

1 - I want to ensure we're on the same page. Is there anything in my skill-set or our discussion so far that you feel might not align with what you're looking for in this role?

This gives you the opportunity to seek out any unsaid concerns about you. Giving you the chance to tackle them head-on and have the opportunity to re-assure the interviewer of your match for the position

2 - I'm really interested in team dynamics. Can you share more about how the team collaborates and how my skills fit into that picture?

This addresses any concerns about teamwork. By showing you're attuned to team dynamics, you demonstrate your commitment to a harmonious work environment.

3 - I've been thinking about how I can contribute to big goals. Could you give me insights into how my role directly impacts the company's broader objectives?

Confront any doubts about your impact. This question not only exhibits your strategic thinking but also aligns your aspirations with the company's success.


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